First, if you have a need to consider refunds and returns, you likely purchased our great quality digital articles, which means we owe you a "Thank You". Nothing makes us happier than a legion of Happy Hyphen Customers, and as such we promise to do our very best to release amazing content for best customer experience, and rest assured, to make right any hiccups along the way. That said, here are some things you might want to know-

1. We deal in purely digital products i.e. online articles.

2. Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products, there are no refunds allowed once the product is accessed.

3. However if there is any technical glitch and you are not able to access your product even after the purchase, then you can write us to '' to claim your refund. You must have a valid proof of your (a) amount deduction from your bank account and (b) the fact that you are not able to access our product, to claim your refund.