Majestic Career Options in Finance

Are you in dilemma where to go once you have chosen your avenue in the field of Finance? Here we present majestic careers in Finance to boost your career.

1. Compliance and Internal Control:

The main practice in this profession is to check whether the procedures and activities in an organization adhere to applicable laws, standards and ethical practices. These jobs are in great demand in the modern era as the companies want to avoid any harm to their reputation and finances on account of regulatory non-compliance. The job of compliance officer is critical to support effective business performance. They also play an important role in protection of investors and maintain transparency. There's reduction of financial frauds and system risks in the organization with the presence of these professionals.

2. Financial Planning:

Individuals and companies always require the services of financial planners to secure their current and future financial stability. A career in financial planning would entail reviewing financial statements and cash flows and creating methods for saving and investing in matching the client's needs.

3. Portfolio Management:

Portfolio management is a fusion of commerce and science as it requires knowledge of business, mathematics as well as analytics. As a portfolio manager, you look at the overall investment mix of your clients, who may be artificial person or a natural person. They guide organizational policies on investments and decisions regarding asset allocation.

4. Financial Advisor:

These professionals identify short-term and long-term financial goals for their clients and recommend the most suitable products and services, according to them to achieve the target.

  • Property Management

  • Retirement

  • Adequate Insurance Coverage

  • Wealth Management

  • Investment as per Life goals and risk appetite

5. Insurance Analyst:

These analysts investigate insurance claims to determine if there is fraudulent activity. They also determine risks associated with covering individuals or businesses and how these risks should impact the amount of premium.

6. Corporate Finance:

This economic activity mainly comprises of providing funds for business activities. It deals with funding sources, investment decisions, and capital restructuring. They work on the following key points-

  • Performing tasks related to financial risk management

  • Maximize value of stock

  • Analyzing and forecasting economic trends

  • Balancing risk and profitability

  • Reviewing company reports and suggesting improvement measures.

  • Managing funds and selecting investment portfolios.

7. Commercial Banking:

Commercial banks provide a host of services to individuals and businesses. There are several type of roles, each one of which requires different skill sets in the banking sectors. The most popular posts include banking associate, trust officer, mortgage banker, branch manager, credit analyst, account manager and bank teller.

One fact to note in this sector is that career choices must be future oriented for growth. Initiatives like Digital Payments, Blockchain for banking and financial markets, robotic process automation, and cybersecurity solution definitely has a vast scope.

8. Forensic Accounting:

This job includes investigation of fraud or financial manipulation by performing extremely detailed research and analysis of financial information. Investigation includes the following elements-

  • Securities fraud

  • Financial theft

  • Defaulting on debt

  • Bankruptcy

  • Mergers & Acquisitions related

  • Corporate valuations dispute

  • Professional negligence claims

  • Tax evasion or fraud

  • Privacy information

  • Money Laundering

  • Divorce proceedings

9. Information Technology Auditor:

This job necessitates an adequate understanding of physical IT controls within the company and requires knowledge about the business operations and financial practices.

10. Financial Software Developer:

As the finance industry embraces technology and the internet, the demand for software developers has experienced a sharp rise. These employees design, develop, test, and maintain software and other programs that align with the company and end-user's needs.

11. Financial Writer:

Financial investment products usually confuse people. Thus the responsibility of a financial writer is to bridge the knowledge gap by creating informative and engaging content for the masses.

12. Cyber Security/Fraud Detection:

Everyday, huge quantum of digital transactions take place as users move money, pay bills, do recharges, deposit and issue cheques, trade stocks and many more via online accounts and smart phone applications or browsers. The necessity to ramp up cybersecurity and fraud detection efforts is growing for any bank or financial institutions or NBFCs, and artificial intelligence(AI) is playing a key role in improving the security of online finance.

So these were some of the major emerging roles in the Finance domain in today's competitive era, which offer attractive income with quality work.

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