Personal Branding - Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Have you ever wondered why companies offer famous Bollywood icon and cricketers as their brand ambassador? Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and MS Dhoni are promoting the brands of Nerolac, Puma and PokerStars respectively. Companies can advertise at a large scale and more efficiently with the money that they spend on these icons. But still they prefer to hire famous personalities at any cost. What exclusivity these personalities offer to the companies? Why are they paid so heavily? The one answer to all these questions is Personal Brand. These icons have created their personal brands and are admired by people all over the globe. This marketing technique of companies is known as Influencer Marketing, wherein they use the brand of famous personalities to acquire trust and faith of people for their products. In the next few minutes, we’ll be learning what is Personal Branding and how can we take steps to build our own personal brand.

In order to create a brand of yourself, it needs some efforts and knowledge. First of all, you must have a foundation. Foundation here basically means-

  • What are you passionate about;

  • What are you good at;

  • What makes you credible – To determine credibility, it is advised to attend several conferences, seminars, debates and meetings related to the topics which you are good at and passionate about.

  • What are your personal brand goals.

Once you have laid down these foundation stones, you are ready to revolve your audience around a fascinating story, which involves Character, Conflict and Conclusion. The story must contain who you are why you are the best person to narrate them the story. It must include the reason why people must trust you, the difficulties you have faced and how greatly you overcame them. And the conclusion for the story is must, people should feel secure and relaxed to invest in you after they listen to your fascinating story.

It is also important to be noted that every person in the world is not your customer. It is not necessary that everybody would be liking what you deliver. You will have to clearly define your Target Audience according to your content, environment and analytics. They can be college students, women or even senior citizens, depending upon the genre of your content. It is very significant to be particular in our marketing efforts. Anybody would not want to waste his resources on someone who’ll definitely not generate a lead for him. Thus, efforts and resources must always be streamlined to your identified Target Audience.


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