Pink Ball vs Red Ball

What are the main differences between the red cricket ball and the pink one. And in which circumstances are they preferred? Read along to find out...

Let us start with the red cricket ball first. It has white seam on its surface, which assists the ball to cater greater movement in air while bowling. Generally, a layer of grease is applied on the whole surface of this ball, which gives it a shiny look. Now, talking about the major merit of the red ball, the inside of this ball contains dyed leather, which allows the bowlers to enjoy the perks of reverse swing at later stages of the innings.

Legends like Shoaib Akhtar, Wasim Akram and Zaheer Khan are known to exploit the benefits of reverse swing the most. The red ball maintains it's shine till about 25th-30th over of the innings, after which the greased layer slowly fades away.

Moving on to the modern pink ball, it is blessed with a black seam around its edges, instead of the traditional white. This helps the bowler to get extra bounce at times of field. Also, no grease is applied to the surface of pink ball unlike the red one, instead, it's surface is kept rough. Now here comes the most important ingredient of the pink ball - it is coated with pigment and lacquer, due to which the bowl is able to swing from the very beginning of the innings, proving to be a curse for the batsmen.

Known legends of swing bowling include Glen McGrath, Shaun Pollock and James Anderson.

The shine of the pink ball proves to be very permanent and doesn't fades away till the 60th over, due to the tough coating of pigment and lacquer.

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