The Dominos Style Marketing - Ft. Mirabai Chanu

Dominos has been known for its great marketing campaigns and strategies for years. And again, it has exploited a super opportunity, arising from the Indian silver medalist Mirabai Chanu. Read here how.

The first day of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 proved to be a boon for India, claiming the first medal at this Olympics in the form of silver by Mirabai Chanu in the game of weightlifting. Undoubtedly, the medalist received uncountable appraisals and monetary benefits from various institutions and people all over the world.

The Manipur Government also announced a monetary prize of Rs. 1 Crore to Mirabai Chanu.

Entry of Dominos

Now starting with how Dominos comes into the conglomerate picture of this Olympics. After Chanu won the silver medal on 23rd July, in a press interview, she was asked that what would be her first action after going home, to which she replied "I will be having a pizza first of all."

After this statement, when Chanu landed at her home in Manipur, she instantly received a pizza from Dominos, fulfilling her wish of the moment.

Moreover, Dominos also announced lifetime free pizza for Mirabai Chanu, which is her favorite meal during vacations.

Understanding Dominos Strategy

Now the only question arising in your mind would be that why did dominos do this? How did dominos benefit from this move?

When Chanu won the silver medal, the surge in her google searches all over the world was immense. There was a golf stick increase in search of this player. This is where dominos found an opportunity (because dominos does SWOT Analysis very frequently).

When they announced free pizza for the player, they got a major highlight from almost every news platform of the world. Now the major benefit here to dominos was that whenever someone searched for the term 'Mirabai Chanu', the story of dominos also ramped in. This led to a rapid increase in the reach of dominos in unexplored parts of the world, which somehow definitely leads to an increased demand of their products.

Thus the major area where dominos targeted was media coverage, or we can say that dominos took over the traffic and fame of Mirabai Chanu. Every searcher of Chanu had to see the brand of dominos as well on the search engines.

Dominos, at frequent intervals presents these kind of intellectual strategies, which are definitely something to be learnt from.

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