What to do when you are Covid Positive?

Have you recently been Covid positive? No need to worry, here are some remedies which you can take to be cured during home isolation.

1. First of all, as soon as you start getting any symptom of the flu, consult a doctor immediately. It is better to start medicating yourself as early as possible. Even if you don't have Covid, taking medicines will not harm. Also, if anyone from your home has tested positive, you can start taking the same medicine as your family member is taking. This will ensure that the virus doesn't mutate further.

2. For consulting a doctor, you don't need to go anywhere outside your home. Their are various online platforms which connect you directly to the doctor via online mode. You can pay the requisite fees and get yourself medicated accordingly. Just search on Google "Online doctor consultation", and you will find the platforms.

3. Vitamin C and Zinc play a very important role in combating coronavirus. It is very significant to keep yourself nutritioned with Vitamin C and Zinc. You can have oranges and lemons to fulfill the Vitamin C requirements. Additionally, you can also take multivitamin tablets available easily in the market.

4. The best thing that will help you reconcile from the flu is steam. Take steam 2-3 times in a day to minimize the spread of this virus. Steam, when above 50 Celsius, kills most of the viruses present inside our nostrils and ultimately lungs. Along with steam, gargles with hot water is also recommended to keep neck warm and reduce the chances of coughs.

5. During the times of Covid, it becomes very important to keep a Pulse-Oxi Meter at your residence. As you must be knowing, the major reason of deaths with coronavirus is due to lack of oxygen in the patients body, it is commendable to check your oxygen level at least once a day. The oxygen level of a healthy human being must be above 94%. Nevertheless, if at times of fever and cough, your oxygen level lowers down, it is highly recommended to practice Deep Breathing Exercises which certainly increases the oxygen saturation.

6. Also at times of lower oxygen levels, you can lie down upright on the bed, with a pillow below your head, stomach and heels. This gives lungs enough space to expand and ultimately increase the oxygen level. It is to be noted that if anytime the oxygen level is below 92%, you must immediately consult a doctor.

7. If you are experiencing coughs, heat an inch of ginger at considerable level, and keep it inside the mouth, without chewing and just sucking its juice. This gives relief at times of coughing.

8. Home remedies like drinking potions must be carried on at all times. The potion must include heart-shaped moonseeds (Giloy), cardamoms (Elaichi) and turmeric. Try to take these potions twice a day. Excess of potions can also prove to be dangerous.

9. Don't stop your meals. The body must not fell weak to experience best recovery. Also keep every member isolated to stop the spread. Use of sanitizers must be increased. Sanitize your hands every time you touch anything of the patient. Junk food and outside meals must be avoided as far as possible.

10. And the last, stay home at all times. You must not spread the virus further by going out of your house. Essentials can be purchased by going at non-busy times of the market. Avoid crowd as much as possible.

Keep this in mind that majority of the Covid patients get diagnosed during home isolation. Only the extreme ones are required to move to hospitals. Thus, the situation is not to panic, but to showcase your best patience. Stay at home and take care of all measures as specified above.

Take Care!

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