Journey from a Member to President

In the world where people are sharing their elating promotions, getting into jobs and other success stories, I thought what can be better than penning down my whole journey from a member to the President of an esteemed organization. A walkthrough of what it took to get this majestic position.

It all started in July 2019, when I was able to get into the prestigious SRCC. A little research about the college environment helped me knowing about the culture and work structure of all the societies. It became a bit tedious task to decide which societies are the best for my personal growth. With most of the societies forming cabinet in the second year itself, it was a matter of concern for students like me who had to appear for CA Intermediate in the second year. Getting a responsible position and managing CA seemed hectic at that time. So after great loops of thought, I finally decided not to get into those societies. SRCC Wings of Fire came into sight around August, when students were talking about Wings that it is perfect for students pursuing CA. After going through Wings’ initiatives, I felt its culture useful for my CA preparations as well as for developing my personality alongside. Gradually I got interviewed for Wings and entered this prestige.

As soon as I joined Wings, we were very warmly welcomed by our great seniors with interactive games and chit-chats. A kind of bonding started building among Wings’ members and seniors. The kind of environment Wings has makes you and your future feel secure, with very helping seniors, who stand by your side for every query and talks. Where one side our CA preparations going on, on the other side we organized few great speaker sessions, which helped us in gaining technical knowledge as well as hands on experience of event management. The series of events went on as we conducted SRCC Winter School, CA Confluence and many more. The level of learning from these events was phenomenal and it created a feeling of belongingness in my mind for Wings of Fire.

Whenever I worked for Wings, it never seemed to be a burden, because there was a sense of oneness. Wings’ immense contribution to my personality development and steep learning curve made me feel Wings as my own brand. Now my working attitude for Wings had changed from an employee to an owner. I was always thankful to the one who helped me grow as a person. Be it learning technical skills, soft skills or academics, Wings has a great contribution in developing me. We continued to work on various social initiatives, and even during my CA intermediate preparation, I was fairly engaged with Wings. I actively participated in all sectors, because I knew that the time I invest will ultimately help me learn new skills and have a better perspective of the corporate world.

Now, when I compare myself from me two years ago, I can clearly feel my personal development. Apart from academics, societies offer you exposure to market relevant skills and tools. We got great feedbacks from our flagship events, which included guidance for CA Intermediate and the worthy Winter School. The way we rolled out our experience and learning towards providing a great experience to our mentees who attended our events made them appreciate our efforts, which acts as the greatest motivation for us.

For the crux, I can say that my positive attitude and learning nature assisted me in getting the leadership position of the eminent and impactful organization Wings of Fire. The same science applies in everybody’s life as well. One who strives to learn at every stage of life with a positive attitude certainly meets his target. Do the work which makes you happy. This formula gives mental peace, and ultimately success.

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